An ever expanding list of choice, often rare, some awarded, orchid species (and some hybrids). As we obtain beautiful photographs of each we include them as links for your viewing pleasure.

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Rare Orchids

Paphiopedilum rothschildianum (yes, on sale below)

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Ancistrochilus rothschildianus - Mini semi deciduous creeping epiphyte from west Africa, pink blooms with spathulate petals and sepals borne late winter to early spring. Still uncommon in cultivation. Keep warm and wet; $30.00.

Angraecum (Alabaster x sesquipedale) - This hybrid is 3/4 Angcm. sesquipedale (see photo! Whew!), and unlike other such hybrids holds flowers all in similar position, lip in resupinate position (on the bottom); off white blooms to 5” borne at maturity 5 or 6 to a stem, night fragrant. Large plants in 6” pots, $85.00.

Angraecum (sesquipedale x didieri) - Much smaller grower, 8” tall is a big plant! Blooms are white, night fragrant, about 3 to 4” across, borne singly from sides of the plants. 4” pots, blooming size, $25.00; 4” pots, large blooming size, $35.00.

Angraecum bosseri - looks like a mini form of sesquipedale, beautiful! Blooming size in 4” @ $45.00. Rare in cultivation.

Angraecum sesquipedale in 6", see the photo; fragrance at night from the 5 inch flowers can be overpowering. Young but blooming size. $55.00

Calanthe - deciduous varieties - dormant in late winter, tolerate temperatures into the 30s F, prefer warm summers. Delicate blooms in pink, white and a bit of red on 2 to 3 foot spikes in late fall to midwinter on plants which are leafless at that time. 3 to 4” pots @ $30.00. Named varieties.

Ansellia africana - Chartreuse flowers, normally with brown spots, yellow lip; this is a nearly solid mahogany variety, blooming size in 5” pots, becomes very robust eventually; high light, warm, can dry between waterings; east Africa. $60.00

Ansellia gigantea 'Yellow Fountain' - clear yellow blooms, 6" pots, $50.00. Blooming size.

Cattleyas - Luscious standard varieties, named, in 5” to 6” pots, white, white/red lip, pink or purple, $40.00. Mostly new crosses.

Cattleya bicolor - totally neat! 5" pots, blooming size, $40.00. Budding up, summer 2000.

Cattleya aurantiaca - these carry two leaves per bulb, make more flowers per stem, and are a little difficult to come by; flaming orange with smaller blooms. $35.00.

Cattleya warscewiczii - from a selfing of the blue form, but all are actually the typical beautiful pinkish lavender form; very nice fragrance in spring. $45.00.

Cochleanthes discolor - divisions of our select, dark one, featuring purplish/"blue" on petal tips as well as solid lip. Mmmm. $50.00.

Coelogyne mooreana ‘Brockhurst’ FCC/RHS - finest of the genus, cool bright grower, large white flowers with yellow fur in the lip; 5 to 6” pots @ $35.00. See the photo in the Gallery.

Cuitlauzinia pendula - one of the most beautiful species, white to pink with spots at center, cool growing; these are a sib cross from two of the best ones ever collected. $60.00.

Encyclia cochleata - "cockleshell orchids" - blackish lip uppermost, green twisted tepals below; once these begin blooming they keep it up for a LONG time. 4" @ $25.00

Encyclia cyanocolumna - Very tiny grower; named for its "blue" column (well, dark indigo to purple). Flowers about a half inch across, borne here and there on the dangling spikes in spring and summer. $30.00; rare in cultivation.

Encyclia fragrans - sweetly fragrant, off white blooms with round striped lip borne uppermost. Cute as the dickens! $25.00.

Encyclia meliosma - we came into a small number of this species more or less by mistake;tan flowes with lighter lip, sweet honey fragrance - dainty!. $30.00

Gongora maculata - dainty "winged" flowers hang in long chains, each about 2 to 3 inches across, oddly shaped and highly fragrant; chestnut "wings" and yellowish lip, with fimbriations; keep warm and moist. $35.00.

Laelia anceps: Mexican species is similar to pink Cattleya, sizeable starry pink flowers on ends of 3 foot stems, fall blooming. Tolerates temperatures to low 30s routinely, occasionally to upper 20s. 6" pots, $30.00.

Laelia anceps var. guerreroi - light pink flowers highlighted with dark flares on petals, very nice flat shape, and ruby red lip. A choice variety of the species, not common anymore in the wild. $60.00

Laelia autumnalis - similar in some ways to anceps, but fragrant, smaller flowers and more of them. $30.00.

Laelia tenebrosa - the one depicted is rather "better" than most - 4 inch+ copper flowers with violet lip, bloom in late spring. $40.00.

Mexicoa ghiesbreghtiana - hard to find and to pronounce. Smaller rusty flowers with yellow lip, miniature growth habit, cool tolerant. $25.00

Oncidium hastilabium - cool growing, one of the more striking Mexican species, blooms spring into summer (long lasting), flowers a bit less than 2 inches across; $35.00.

Oncidium leucochilum - somewhat fragrant, makes long long stems of green flowers spotted brown with eponymous white lip. 4" blooming size @ $28.00

Oncidium ornithorhynchum - very fragrant mini pink flowers, likes to multispike in 4" pots. $22.00.

Phragmipedium hybrids: Multifloral type - The warm growing, green leaf varieties with completely bizarre blooms that have twisted petals, bearing several (some up to 5) blooms per stem in sequence. All are blooming size in 3-1’2 to 4” pots @ $60.00. All have name tags, too many varieties to list here. Specify colors: green&pink, red, or "peculiar".

Paphiopedilum hybrids: Maudiae type - The warm growing, spotted leaf varieties with variously purplish-striped ladyslipper type blooms, some green and white background coloration (“coloratums”); some are clear green with white (“albums”); some are solid reddish purple (“vinicolors”). All are blooming size in 3-1’2 to 4” pots. Coloratums @ $20.00, albums and vinicolors @ $28.00. All have name tags, too many varieties to list here.

Paphiopedilum hybrids: Complex type - The cool growing, green leaf varieties with variously brushed, spotted, reddish or green and yellow ladyslipper type blooms of the thickest, waxy texture. Flowers can last 3 months in perfection. All are blooming size in 3-1’2 to 4” pots @ $28.00. All have name tags, too many varieties to list here.

Paphiopedilum gratrixianum 'CBO's Polyploid Baby' HCC/AOS - we make divisions from time to time; $250 each when available. Inquire.

Paphiopedilum species - We have a few plants each of many, many species. We have grouped them by price, below; refer to any of the various comprehensive Encyclopedias of Cultivated Orchids (most libraries have these books, or they can be ordered from the American Orchid Society) for detailed descriptions. Higher priced plants are rarer species. All are seed grown, except for the occasional division available from our breeding plants - inquire about availability of divisions. $35.00 each: charlesworthii, fairrieanum, appletonianum var. hainanense, lawrenceanum, sukhakulii. $45.00 each: delenatii, gratrixianum, primulinum. $60.00 each: glanduliferum var. wilhelminiae, moquetteanum, hookerae, tonsum var superbum, superbiens var. album. $100 each: parishii var. dianthum, lowii.

Paphiopedilum rothschildianum: astonishing, stunning species from Borneo - see above - flowers up to about 10 inches tip to tip (across) on stems up to two and a half feet tall - young adult plants in 5 and 6" pots $300.00.

Paphiopedilum supardii - this is one of the rarest species - we selfed our plant. 2" pots will take 8 or 10 years to bloom. Nonetheless, they're worth the $45.00 each, if you like chartreuse with burgundy spots and pouch, four flowers per spike at maturity; our plant makes symmetrically arranged petals, uncommon for this species.

Pescatorea lehmannii - best of its genus! 3 to 4” white blooms, violet streaks radiate outward from center, coalescing at tips; lip violet, covered with white fuzz; flowers come singly at a time from base of bulbless plant. These are from a sib cross of the clones ‘Tokyo’ and ‘Blue Thunder’. Choice! $45.00. Water these a lot.

Pescoranthes crosses - two different, (Pescoranthes Painted Lady [Pes. cerina x Coch. discolor] x Pes. lehmannii) = Pscths Star Sapphire; (Pscths Painted Lady x Coch amazonica) = Pscths Amazon Lady. Both are very very nice, blooming for about half the year. $40.00 each. The plant illustrated in the Gallery is Star Sapphire.

Phaius pulcher 'CBO' HCC-CCM/AOS - pure white, flat flower, overlapped; show a division yourself and let me know when you get a higher award. $250 when divisions available in August 2000. When awarded2 years ago, the plant had 14 spikes. This is the first time we've offered divisions of this rare form of this very rare and beautiful species.

Phragmipedium (pearcei var ecuadorense x caudatum var warscewiczii) - seedlings in 4” pots, growing fast, 2 years or less to first bloom. Long petals, 2 or 3 flowers at a time, on modest size plant, green with brown veined overlay on pouch, dark petals. $45.00.

Phragmipedium pearcei (var. ecuadorense) - Small grower, swiftly produces multiple leads to fill a 4” pot, sequential green blooms with pink petal tips. 3-1/2” pots, $45.00.

Phragmipedium besseae - The incredible brilliant orange-to-red Peruvian species, 3-1/2” pots, was once $500 per plant (17 years ago), now only $60.00. This one is a climber and will need a treefern pole in the pot by next year.

Phragmipedium caudatum (Guatemala form) - a cross of the clones 'Siebenthal' AM/AOS x 'Guatemala Market' HCC/AOS; petals to over 2 feet long, 3 or 4 flowers per stem at maturity, very dark mahogany over chartreuse, plant of this variety does not grow nearly as large as the Peruvian form. Blooming size in 4" pots! $175.00. A couple are in bloom June 2000; very dark, large lips.

Phragmipedium schlimii - This is the fuzzy, pink species that can grow in cooler temperatures - down into the 40s F! Sequential blooming, white with pink blush, small flowers. $35.00.

Phragmipedium xerophyticum - Extremely rare Mexican species, mini grower, white flowers; blooming size, $200.00. Likes a cool, bright, dry winter. We'll have an image soon - at least one is spiking July 2000.

Masdevallias - many many varieties, named, 4” pots @ $25.00. Bloom off and on throughout the year; keep very cool and moist.

Masdevallia floribunda - cute multiflowering species with spots on whitish background, purplish tips. $25.00

Masdevallias - species - veitchiana, the large flowered orange species with microscopic purple hairs that make the surface shimmer and change color according to angle of view; and ignea; $45.00 each. Flame on a stem!

Masdevallia rolfeana - a curious dark flowered thing that blooms all over the plant each summer. $45.00.

Renanthera monachica - the one modest sized grower in a genus of giants. Grows upright (monopodial) like Vanda, mostly flowers in early to mid spring; blooms when plants are about 4 to 6 inches tall. Very old plants can make 2 or 3 stems with branches all at once.Blooming size, $30.00.

Miltonia spectabilis var. moreliana - lovely Brazilian species features spicy fragrant purple blooms of satin on a modest sized plant. Warm growing. $35.00.

Trigonidium egertonianum - hard to find, smallish plants make dainty triangular flowers on top of erect wirelike stem, petals reduced to bluish knobs - darn peculiar! $35.00. Limited.

Vanda - a wide variety of blooming size plants in 5 and 6” pots, $35.00, all with name tags. Require warmth, lots of light, very high humidity.

Vanda coerulea - the original cool growing blue and white species from north India, NOT the inbred, warmth requiring version grown in Bangkok; these are seedlings from a selfing of our old, old plant. Several years from blooming. $30.00.

Vanda tricolor - these are seedlings from a selfing of our flat petaled clone that came from Bali; intermediate grower, highly fragrant, but these are easily 7 to 8 years to first bloom. Nonetheless, a rare variation of the species. $100.00 each, and worth it to those willing to wait for awards.

Vanda sanderana - the original Philippine pink and brown species (aka "Waling-Waling"), blooming size in 5" and 6" pots, $45.00.

Vanda - cool growing - several crosses, including Trikim (tricolor x kimballiana), (roeblingiana x tricolor) and (pumila x tricolor) - all OK to mid 40s F, all blooming size to bloom sometime this year - require humidity and lots of light. Grow best if nights are in 50s. 4” @ $22.50.

Xylobium variegatum - fleshy pink, rather ill scented flowers borne in spring at base of plant; warm grower, not common in cultivation. $45.00.

Zygopetalum mackayi - green sepals and petals, mahogany speckled, white lip with violet veins and a strong fragrance somewhat like hyacinth, likes cool nights, fall blooming, adults in 6" pots $40.00.

Too Few To List - all sorts of things! Call to inquire if we have your secret wish not listed above!

THE FINE PRINT: Conditions of sale - The plants we send out are healthy, apparently disease-free, in pots unless specifically requested otherwise. Packing and shipping on orders up to $90.00 is $15.00; $90.01 to $200, $9.00 plus actual cost of shipping. $200.01 on up, $9 to $25 packing plus actual cost of shipping (depends on box size, but yes we’ll be able to tell you at the time of your order which size and cost of box will fit your order).

Shipping will be by Priority Mail. In times of very cold weather we will hold shipments for the first days when forecasts indicate your plants will not be damaged by cold. Yes, we check weather nationally. In the event your plants come through damaged, tell the Post Office first - we insure all shipments - and then tell us. Orders must be prepaid - VISA, Mastercard, AmEx, Diners’ Club or check with order, please!

Since the plants are the epitome of health when they leave our hands, we cannot be held responsible for how they respond to your growing conditions. That also means we’ll be happy to discuss your growing conditions and advise which plants might prove disappointingly difficult for you to grow and flower successfully.

We ship on Mondays, weather permitting - this allows the Post Office the maximum opportunity to get your order to you the same week we send it out.

We can ship by Federal Express, but it is quite costly unless you are ordering 20 plants or more, and Federal Express charges will be billed at cost.

WHOLESALE - yes, we fill wholesale orders. If you are an orchid society, garden shop, florist, orchid grower or distributor, call, write, fax or email us and we’ll fax you the wholesale list.

Order with confidence - we know our plants, and welcome inquiries about culture, orchid history, in fact, practically any question you might have about our favorite subject - orchids!!

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