Avoid disappointment - please read this column!

Four things you need to know about ordering orchids:
1 - Gift orders: Once you have selected the orchid please notice that when you arrive at the page that says "Check Out Time," you will need to choose the SECOND selection, where it is noted that you may type in the recipient's name, address, phone, plus a gift message.
Fed Ex requires a street address, not a P.O. Box.
2 - We ship all orders by Fed Ex. Orders received by 10 AM Pacific time can usually be sent out that very day!
But let's be specific: ordes received after 11 AM Friday will go out the following Monday. We do not ship Saturday or Sunday.

Second day (free delivery) orders must be received by 10 AM Wednesday or we will have to wait to send them the following Monday.

We do offer Saturday delivery, for an additional $10.00. We do not offer Sunday delivery. See Detailed Purchase.
3 - If you desire delivery on a specific date please include this date in the special instructions box in the shopping cart area along with your gift message.
4 - In the unlikely event that the plant arrives damaged we can put in a claim; you must notify us immediately! We pack our orchids with great care and we ship them with the best courier.
Others may have cheaper shipping by parcel post, or regular mail but that orchid is sitting in a dark box for too many days with no light or water.

Quick Buy
lets you make the fastest decision possible. We select the finest orchid of the type requested and ship it overnight in the continental U.S. In short, "What a great orchid! Send one!"

Detailed Purchase allows you to select color of flower, style of decorative container, and offers various delivery options.

Most orchids come from climates similar to those where humans evolved, JUST LIKE OTHER HOUSE PLANTS! While some are indeed difficult, those offered here should do well in most houses, blooming once to several times per year for many years to come.

Check this section again for more tips.

Ladyslipper orchids do trap insects, but they don't eat them; instead, they get the insects to pollenate them, without providing any nectar!

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Moth Orchids: Tall and Extra Tall

Full-Screen View
Stately, large, round white flowers on upright to gently arching stem generally remain in floral perfection for 3 to 5 months. Can be delivered with a flower open. This orchid thrives easily in office or home environments.
Extra Tall (3 to 4 ft)
$75 QTY
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$85 QTY
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Cloud Forest Assortment

Scarlet Fountains

Spider Orchids

These Cloud Forest orchids are now being bred to grow and rebloom well as house plants. They come in a variety of colors and combinations of form, from the well known yellow dancing lady to a wide spectrum of colors and shape combinations. The flowers generally last about 6 weeks. These blooming orchids need bright indirect light, and to be kept moist but never sitting in water. They rebloom when they complete the next new growth. Click "detailed purchase" to specify a color.

For Spring and summer, we're also offering the golden Spider Orchids - these are very nice plants and often rebloom in the summer!



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Tall or Fragrant Cloud Forest

MMM - Chocolate!

- tall

Ranging from the Wildcat, up to four feet tall with many many blooms like these, to the famous pink to red Chocolate Orchid, these Cloud Forest orchids make splendid gifts - but we know perfectly well that many of our customers order them for themselves (so who is more deserving of a luxurious gift?)!

$75 QTY
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Pansy Orchid

Full-Screen View
Large, delicate pansy-like orchids in an array of pastel colors! Not seen frequently, our mature, bushy Pansy Orchids want to bloom over and over for you - or some lucky person you know!
$55 QTY
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Ladyslipper Orchids

Full-Screen View
Long, long lasting flowers are very strange indeed! Lurid, bizarre, scary, humorous - the Ladyslipper Orchids have been called all those. Definitely for those with a taste for the unusual!
$55 QTY
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