IT'S THE SCROLL DOWN GALLERY OF ORCHID PHOTOS! (These are some of the varieties of which we just have too few to sell, so, enjoy the pretty pix until we get these propagated!)




The impossibly strange Indonesian form of Bulbophyllum lobbii

Cattleya warneri 'Blueberry'

Angraecums are marvelous; this is Angcm. germinyanum, available occasionally

Psychopsis krameriana from Ecuador; we usually have some similar hybrids available.

How about ladyslippers in burgundy? This is a cross of the species charlesworthii with a deep burgundy "vinicolor" Paphiopedilum. We're making new crosses like this one.

For years this was thought to be a natural hybrid; now it is identified as Phragmipedium richteri


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