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Send an orchid as a gift!  A virtual flower shop.

Welcome to
our online store for Orchids and Gifts!

With over 30 years of orchid growing expertise, we have selected for you the very finest, most vigorous and extravagant orchids as gifts, delivered where and when you wish.

WE GUARANTEE that your orchid arrives in perfect condition! And, we think you'll agree that it's a more amazing orchid than most you have seen!

We're putting our experience to work for you - we hand pick every plant. You won't see orchids like these in most stores. You'll see them in posh hotels and boutiques in Manhattan or Dallas.

The headings along the top of this page are links to lots of orchid information; also, WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL: we provide care and growing information with your plant and online here!

We like answering your questions about the orchids; we want to hear from you! And, give us a call if you're looking for something really exotic!

These are the most astonishing orchids you've seen. They can be yours. THEY'RE REAL


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